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Kajang - Putrajaya - Kuala Lumpur - Semenyih - Ipoh


[ How To Go To Darul Huffaz ] [ By Car & Taxi ] [By Bus & Train ]


FROM THE HEART OF KUALA LUMPUR: There are few ways from the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

1. Take a direction to South; Seremban / Johor Bharu by Plus Highway, take the Exit (2nd Exit from Plus Toll) to Kajang & Putrajaya. Keep the lane to Kajang. (Do not enter the lane to Bangi or to Putrajaya.). Then you have two options; 1-A & 1-B

1-A. Go on Highway straight to Kajang / Semenyih, pass 2 tolls of RM1 and take the second Exit after the 2nd toll. The Exit shows Saujana Impian. Keep on going uptil you see the big signboard of Giant then take the exit for U-Turn. You have reach Prima Saujana. You will find Academy Darul-Huffaz right in the heart of Prima Saujana.

1-B. Or you take the Highway to Cheras / Saujana Impian, pass 1 toll RM1, keep on right to the Exit of Saujana Impian / Semenyih.

1-B-1. Keep on going, ignore the Exit to Kajang City. You will see TESCO KAJANG on your right side, keep on going till the traffic light. Keep straight. You will see GIANT on your left.You have reach Prima Saujana. You will find Academy Darul-Huffaz right in the heart of Prima Saujana.

2. The fastest one from KL City. Take the Highway Direct Kuala Lumpur - Putrajaya. Take the 1st Exit to Sri Petaling / Bukit Jalil. Keep on straight uptil you see the Signboard Exit to Kuala Lumpur & Seremban. Take the exit and keep right for the Exit to Seremban. Keep on going until you pass the Plus Highway Toll. Then follow the DIRECTION GUIDE No.1, 1A & 1B

3. Via Cheras; When you are going out from Kuala Lumpur to South: Seremban & Johor Bharu, you will see the Exit to Cheras & Kajang. Take that Exit till you pass the Cheras Highway Toll RM0.50, keep on straight, ignore all the exits showing Bandar Tasik Permaisuri, Bandar Tun Razak and Connaught. Just follow the Signboards show to Kajang. You will pass next Toll RM1.00 known as Toll Batu 9, then continue on going straight till you past another toll RM0.90. Keep on going, ignore all the exits. Then follow the DIRECTION GUIDE No. 1-B-1


4-A. Via Putrajaya; There are clear signboards guide you to Putrajaya. Once you entering the area of Putrajaya, follow the Signboards showing to Kajang. When you are about to reach Kajang please follow the  DIRECTION GUIDE No. 1A & 1B

4-B. Via Nilai; After passing Nilai, you will enter Plus Highway towards Kuala Lumpur, you will find the Exit to Kajang & Putrajaya. Take the Exit and keep follow the directions to Kajang. Then please follow the  DIRECTION GUIDE No. 1A & 1B


5. Keep on going to Kuala Lumpur. When you are about entering Selangor State, please follow the DIRECTION GUIDE No. 4-B, 1A & 1B

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